From the land of Iakwe

[Iakwe (or Yokwe) is a greeting in Marshallese] With 5.5 hours in 3 different aeroplanes travelling from Majuro in the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) back home to Suva for what will take just under 12 hours altogether I figured I'd do some writing. The Marshall Islands has always been one of my favourite places... Continue Reading →

2017. The year that was.

Changing the world begins with strengthening your own family - Bonnie L. Carson A couple hours away from 2018 is always a great time to reminisce the year that was.  2017 was eventful and I like the quote above from Bonnie L. Carson (Read more here: The Needs before Us). If there was one theme... Continue Reading →

“You Wanna Make History?”

Those words got me started in blockchain. [For the uninitiated, if you have 9:56 min to spare here's a pretty good video on blockchain - Now I'm in Bonn, Germany to participate in Hack4Climate ( which is a hackathon geared towards solving climate-related problems using blockchain tech. Wait.  What's a hackathon? Good question! Never... Continue Reading →

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